Revolutionizing Hospitality: Digital Excellence with Implementation of Jira Service Management

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and a regional leader in collaboration solutions, we have successfully implemented Atlassian tools in the Maistra hospitality group. Maistra is a leading name in Croatia’s hospitality sector and one of the largest in the Adriatic region.

The Maistra hospitality group operates an impressive portfolio, including 18 hotels, 11 tourist villages, and 6 campsites in internationally renowned destinations like Rovinj, Vrsar, Zagreb, and Dubrovnik. The group is also ambitiously planning further expansions.

The implementation of Atlassian Service Management marks a significant stride in enhancing Maistra’s service quality. This cutting-edge tool streamlines and optimizes service delivery and key ITILv4 practices ensuring a more efficient and responsive IT department. By adopting Atlassian Service Management, Maistra is now equipped with a robust platform that facilitates better communication, quicker resolution of IT issues, and a more agile approach to managing services.

This transformation in service management is not just a boost to operational efficiency; it directly contributes to elevating the overall customer experience. Guests at Maistra’s properties will benefit from smoother, more reliable services, and a quicker response to their needs, enhancing their overall satisfaction.