Development services

Digital twin

Innovative solution for digital transformation which provides a comprehensive insight into the “health” state of the property.

Digital Twin offers an insight into the digital copy of the building, which takes care of the safety and well-being of the building and prolongs its life. The Digital Twin Platform connects all devices, assets, and sensors in the building. It informs the user of the current state of the building and measures the quality of construction and the carbon footprint of the building.

The digital twin also provides access to documentation such as a 3D view of the building, plans, and instructions from the manufacturer, which have already been entered into the system when the building is taken over. The user is connected to the service department for easy reporting of service requests, and at the same time is informed about the upcoming preventive tasks in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Direct contact with users
Insight into the “health” of a building and structure
Additional services and networking of external partners
Better customer claims management
Transparent display over upcoming tasks
Fewer complaints and faster action in case of incidents
Access to all key information and measurements
Collection of knowledge about the facility and all documentation and plans gathered in one place
Lower maintenance costs
Faster response time in case of anomalies and incidents
The longer service life of the building