Smartis Racing Team takes on Raceland Krško

Last Friday, 16 June, the Smartis team had an unforgettable team-building day at Raceland Krško, diving into the world of go-karting and friendly competition. With the spirit of professional drivers, we tackled the track through free practice, qualifiers, and an adrenaline-pumping race.

The day started with an invigorating practice session, where we honed our skills and discovered the perfect racing line. We embraced the thrill of speed, setting the stage for an exciting day ahead.

In the qualifiers, each team member showcased their driving prowess, aiming for a favorable starting position in the race. We pushed our limits, vying for those crucial fractions of a second.

Finally, the much-anticipated race began, igniting our competitive spirits. The revving engines, the scent of rubber, and our focused determination painted a vibrant picture as we battled for positions on the track. Each lap was an exhilarating mix of strategy, skill, and pure adrenaline.

Beyond the excitement of the race, the day fostered a strong sense of unity within the Smartis team, as we supported and encouraged one another, exchanging tips and strategies, while maintaining a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

We would like to thank Raceland Krško for their hospitality and for providing us with an unforgettable go-karting experience.