Digital Twin Platform

Smartis has provided an innovative solution for Home24h – Smart Home of Tomorrow project, called Digital Twin Platform!

Digital Twin Platform connects all devices, assets, and sensors in your home. It enables users to manage all necessary documentation (3D visualisation of a building, blueprints, and constructor’s guidelines are already integrated into the system), user-friendly management of service demands, and notifications of upcoming maintenance and other processes. In that way, new owners will need just one solution for collecting, managing, and controlling all necessary information about their new home.

Digital Twin Platform brings many benefits to constructers, maintenance workers as well as end user. Some of those key benefits are:
– Quick and easy access to all important data
– Collections of know-hows and documentation about the house in one place
– Lower maintenance cost
– Less stress and worries when it comes to seeking help, reporting issues or claiming warranty
– Faster response time in case of an emergency
– Accurate tracking of the carbon footprint
– Longer lifespam

We would like to thank TECES, Green Tech Cluster for organising and coordinating the project!
Our co-partners of the projects are MarlesPetrol d.d.#AlplesGorenje GroupETI Electrotechnical – Protection of electrical installationsDanfossJUBKANSAI HELIOS GroupIntectiv d.o.o.Robotina and SPICA GROUP.