Critical Infrastructure Protection

For many years, industrial systems and critical infrastructure had no connection to the outside world. That is why they did not deal with the same kinds of vulnerabilities.

Today, IT/OT convergence is a cornerstone and an enabler for Industry 4.0 and IoT. Due to the standardisation of communication protocols and growing interconnectivity, cyberattacks on OT systems have drastically increased.  As attacks in these environments do not only bring economic damage and can also lead to loss of human lives, these environments and assets must be adequately protected immediately (Critical Infrastructure Protection: CIP).

We help businesses with critical infrastructure auto-discover operational technology (OT) assets, identify critical vulnerabilities and detect malicious activity with behavioural analytics and machine learning.

Key benefits:

Identifying all your IoT and ICS assets and how they’re connected.
Enumerating device-level vulnerabilities such as missing patches, weak passwords, unused open ports, remote access ports, etc.
Reporting on network-level vulnerabilities such as unauthorised Internet connections, weak firewall rules, rogue subnet connections between IT and IoT and ICS, unauthorised Wireless Access Points (WAPs), rogue devices, etc.
Automated ICS threat modelling that shows the most likely attack vector paths an attacker would take to compromise your most critical assets.
Vendor agnostic (supporting all industrial protocols and assets).
Non-intrusive and agent less technology – zero impact due to its passive Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) approach.
Integrating with existing SOC workflows and security tools (SIEM, FW, etc.).