Extended Detection and Response

Extended detection and response solutions automatically collect and correlate data from multiple security products to improve threat detection and provide an incident response capability.

Unlike SIEM, XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is an actual collection of products merged into a single solution. For example, an attack that caused alerts on email, endpoint and network can be combined into a single incident. The goal is to increase detection accuracy while simultaneously improving remediation and security operations efficiency.

Key benefits

Next-generation antivirus: Block the latest malware, ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks.
Endpoint protection: Device controls, host firewalls and disk encryption.
Detection and response: Pinpoint the location of vulnerabilities, identify the root cause of the issue and coordinate response efforts.
Managed threat hunting: Uncover complex and advanced persistent threats (APT).
Threat intelligence: Collect data from a global community of researchers and organisations to extend visibility and enrich investigations with in-depth contextualisation.

Advanced Threat Protection

Today, cyber attacks are so sophisticated and advanced that we absolutely need artificial intelligence to protect the cyber environment and thus, of course, the smooth running of a company’s business and finances.

Every cyber environment needs to be protected. It is no longer enough to refer only on human staff, their knowledge, experience, late reactions and possible mistakes. Advanced protection (Advanced Threat Protection: ATP) offers an infinite field of visibility and protection for the cyber environment, as it does not depend on any factor other than mathematics itself, which reacts in real time to patterns that are not common for both general network security and the individual environment in which artificial intelligence learns all the time. The system is based on monitoring and responding to known and unknown patterns specific to cyber threats, intrusions, attacks, worms, data leaks, scanning, unusual behaviour and connections of end devices, network components, users and their e-mails. The system includes visibility and protection for computer IT and industrial OT networks, end devices, cloud systems, SaaS services (Software as a Service) and e-mail systems.

Key benefits:

100 % visibility with protection of IT, OT, cloud, SaaS and e-mail systems.
System with self-learning detection.
Continuous learning and adapting.
Automated analysis and generating cyber threat reports.
Fast installation without manual configuration.
Non-invasive implementation (span ports and SaaS sensors).
Fast and efficient response to cyber threats and attacks.