HYCU, founded in 2018, is a data management and protection company that specializes in delivering comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for multi-cloud environments. Their primary focus is to simplify and enhance data protection processes for enterprise customers utilizing popular cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, VMware, and Nutanix.

HYCU offers a wide range of purpose-built products and services designed to address the unique challenges of managing and safeguarding data in complex cloud infrastructures. Their flagship product, HYCU Data Protection for Google Cloud Platform, provides robust backup and recovery capabilities specifically tailored to Google Cloud users. This solution ensures data availability, compliance adherence, and minimizes downtime risks.

In addition to cloud platforms, HYCU also offers data protection solutions for various applications. They provide backup services for popular collaboration tools like JIRA and Confluence, ensuring the protection and recoverability of critical data within these platforms. Moreover, HYCU offers backup solutions for Salesforce, enabling businesses to safeguard their Salesforce data and recover it in the event of any data loss or disruption.

Since its establishment, HYCU has been committed to empowering businesses to leverage the benefits of multi-cloud environments while ensuring the security and recoverability of their critical data. With their innovative data management and protection solutions, HYCU simplifies the complexities of cloud-based data protection, allowing organizations to focus on their core operations with confidence and peace of mind.

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