Libelium Sensors and SmartISCity solution in the IBM Innovation Center Ljubljana

SmartISCity, ISV from Slovenia introduced their SmartCity platform and SmartCity application including live demo of Libelium Waspmote Plug & Sense sensors to IBM director for Business Development & ISVs in the CEE region, Mr. Alexander Habinski to expand the solution in the CEE region.

“The SmartCityPlatform connects all the core elements of a successfully managed city. It allows the SmartMayor to manage urban development, socio-economic development and technological development of the city, measuring and reporting progress in real time. It is based on IBM Intelligent Operational Center middleware and connects to Libelium Waspmote products to measure and report its most important KPIs and projects. It can collect citizen feedback, and communicate how the prioritised KPIs are progressing, what the short-term and medium-term plans are, and how upcoming projects are prioritised” said Mr. Blaz Golob, director of the SmartISCIty company.