Huawei ambitiously enters the Slovenian market of business ICT solutions


By signing the contract on strategic partnership with Smart Alterna, one of the most pervasive and fast-growing information-communications companies Huawei enters the Slovenian market. Smart Alterna company is planning to achieve a 15 percent market share by 2019 and generate over 80 mio euros of revenue annually. They have already established a partnership network currently consisting of Unistar and SmartIS, the leading system integrators, and Sfera. Through cooperation with Sfera they will offer a wide range of Huawei business solutions, servers and storage systems and computer network.

” Huawei is one of the most innovative ICT companies in the world, which provides a comprehensive set of technologies and solutions for all types of users in one place. We are honored we gained partners in Slovenia who have knowledge and experience, which will support our growth and visibility in this part of Europe, “said Jack Wei, executive director of the Balkan region in Huawei.

For sales and providing technical support and customer services the partnership network has already been established. It is formed of Smart Alterna, Unistar and SmartIS. The latter two will cover sales in Central, Western and South region of Slovenia, while Sfera will cover sales in the Northeast part of Slovenia.

“The combination of Huawei portfolio and excellent sales and service networks provides companies and public institutions with reliable and modern solutions. Increasing competition on the ICT market is especially welcomed. Many organizations are in front of the new investment cycle in the field of information and communications infrastructure, “said Zdravka Zalar, CEO of SmartIS d. o.o.

Slovenian public knows Huawei as the world’s third largest manufacturer of smart phones. In the last year they  generated a 44.3 percent growth. They are known as the fourth-largest manufacturer of servers in the world. The company generated 60.8 billion euros revenue in 2015 and in the past years also became a leading provider of a comprehensive set of ICT technologies for telecommunication operators, enterprises and consumers. According to World Intellectual Property Organization’s data the company filed 3,898 patents in the last year, from which 1,953 applications at the European Patent Office.

Huawei took the first place in the global technology elite. Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, ranks them in the top of many areas, from small devices for wireless networks to data solutions for cloud computing, big data and supercomputers.

“Our plans for Slovenia are ambitious. First, we will offer the solutions for business customers. We are expecting to achieve 15 to 20 percent market share in three to five years. Second, we will offer a selection of consumer products, such as tablets and laptops and network devices for smart homes, “explained Miran Boštic, CEO of Alterna Intertrade d. d.

When the global ICT companies are leaving Slovenia’s market, Huawei is the only one with a comprehensive set of software and hardware solutions in all sectors of business ICT infrastructure staying on the market. It is predicted that sales growth of business infrastructure of ICT solutions will depend on the growing needs, promoted by the digitalization of business, and on the market share take-over with their affordable products with good quality.